Appliance Repair Technician

While appliance repair is a comparatively new field for Daniel, he finds that he uses the same basis that he’s developed over the years as a make ready technician for Toyota. His time in both fields has taught him that one of the critical elements to success is consistency and providing excellent customer service. He additionally believes that being honest and upfront with issues, and taking his time on every job are qualities that are important to doing his best. He enjoys being able to learn something new even if it’s just for curiosity sake so that he can answer any questions you might have. He would like to thank you for letting him help you!

Born and raised in Fort Worth, Daniel grew up playing football and for a long time many of his friends only knew him by his last name. He still has a passion for football to this day with the Dallas Cowboys being his favorite team. In his free time he enjoys working on cars, shooting guns, and finding new music. After a long day, he sometimes caps his day off with a Guinness on tap at Woody’s Tavern or chilling out to a few episodes of Forged by Fire. His best way to skip Texas heat is visiting the modest ski town Ou Ray in Colorado. Located at the bottom of two mountain peaks there are some gorgeous views according to him. On his bucket list is meeting Howard Jones, visiting Rome as well as Kyoto.

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