Rachel H.

Experience Exceptional Service with Our Appliance Repair Claims Specialist

Claims Specialist

Rachel grew up in sunny San Pedro, California and over the years eventually made her way to Fort Worth, which has been the home base for herself, husband James and their two kiddos (McKenzie and Gavin).  She loves the flexibility she has while heading up Guinco’s Warranty Claims Division, which allows her to attend her kids activities and be very present for them. Rachel’s first real job was actually in retail at Walmart for seven years as a cashier, then Admin and up to Management from there.

Rachel loves her some college football and is a huge TCU supporter!  GO FROGS!  One of her favorite places to visit was Germany back in 2002 when the military took her husband over for a few months and she was able to join him on his last week there. Besides covering all the required touristy hot spots, visiting Neuschwanstein Castle was the highlight of the trip!   Fun facts: This castle inspired Walt Disney to create the Magic Kingdom, and as it happens, the H fam’s favorite place to visit is Walt Disney World, especially at Christmas! Rachel’s Bucket List isn’t too long yet, but she’d love to go skydiving and maybe check out Australia and Fiji at some point.  It’s a small world, Rachel, get out there!

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