The Appliance Repair Tech You Can Depend On

Appliance Repair Specialist

Meet Micah, the friendly appliance repair specialist from Keene. When he‘s not fixing people‘s broken appliances, you can find him zooming around on his dirt bike or casting a line while fishing. When he wants to relax, he turns on some good music or watches the classic Terminator movies. Micah is also a devoted reader of the Bible and has a special place in his heart for Texas. Don‘t be surprised if you catch him cheering on the LA Lakers during basketball season. With his winning smile and love for life, Micah is a true jack of all trades.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Micah:

Excellent process from start to finish. The technician, Micah, was everything you could hope for from donning booties before ringing the doorbell to carefully laying out the repair part box. Quick, efficient and courteous. Thanks for a job well done.

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