Appliance Repair Customer Interaction Specialist


Customer Interaction Specialist

Meet Yvonne, the bubbly customer service specialist from North Richland Hills. With two adult kiddos and a passion for seeing the world, Yvonne is always on the go. When she‘s not busy helping customers with a smile on her face, you can find her exploring new countries and immersing herself in different cultures. She‘s a true globetrotter and loves learning new languages wherever she goes.

While Yvonne may not have a favorite music genre, she knows one thing for sure she loves to dance! You can catch her grooving to any beat that gets her feet moving. And when she‘s not dancing or traveling, you can find her watching the Terminator movies, cheering on her beloved Dallas Cowboys, or soaking up the sun at her favorite place the beach. Yvonne is a true adventurer with a zest for life and a contagious energy that brings joy to those around her.

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