Appliance Repair Specialist

Tim has resided in Farmers Branch, Texas, for well over 20 years, and is a born and raised Texan! Before joining Guinco in the spring of 2011, he worked many jobs including appliance technician, I.T. Manager, and a position in oil exploration in the Rocky Mountains (now that’s a resume!). His home crew are his wife, 3 children (ages 37, 34, and 32) and his 2 dogs. He is happy to announce he has six lovely grandchildren, with more on the way!

Tim’s spare time is spent reading, running and getting his Zen on with some yoga. He also enjoys woodworking, specializing in wood turning (pens and bowls), and fret work with a scroll saw. That sounds interesting! Tim, we’d like to see this sometime. His favorite music is contemporary Christian rock, but he still likes the “old time rock n roll”, as Bob Seger would say!. When it comes to movies, he’s a huge Action/Adventure and SciFi fan. To back up his claim to SciFi fandom, his favorite place to be is at home reading Battlefield Earth.

Of course, Tim roots for the home team: Dallas Cowboys! Tim is also a member of Second Chance Ministries!

What Our Customers Are Saying About Tim:

The service I received from the technician, Tim Brand, was the best I’ve ever experienced with any technician. He was cordial and professional, and he happily answered all of my questions (which were numerous). It turns out that my problem was something that could be fixed with regular maintenance on my part, so he showed me everything that he was doing, in great detail, so that the next time this problem re-occurred, I could fix it myself. All the while, he was polite and pleasant, and he treated me with respect. In addition, the staff in the office were very cordial and polite. I received great service from start to finish. – M.T.

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