Appliance Repair Specialist

Tim was born in Dallas, still calls the Big D home to this day, and is back living in the very house he was born in!  A senior field technician for our Guinco team, Tim appreciates the strong support he receives from office staff and management while out in the field daily.  Tim shares the home base with his beautiful wife of 40 years, two chihuahua and a Yorkie, while their awesome children (two sons and a daughter) have happily supplied them with six wonderful grandchildren.  A collector of woodworking tools, Tim and his kids have shared the musical joy of being members of their church band together.  The always amazing Yellowstone Park is Tim’s favorite vacation spot, but getting back into skiing (both the powdery and H2O varieties) and traveling to far away Australia to hang out with the koala and kangaroos are yet to be done!  Tim and his family support Second Chance Ministries in Farmers Branch and would like to invite you to check them out. 

What Our Customers Are Saying About Tim:

The service I received from the technician, Tim, was the best I’ve ever experienced with any technician. He was cordial and professional, and he happily answered all of my questions (which were numerous). It turns out that my problem was something that could be fixed with regular maintenance on my part, so he showed me everything that he was doing, in great detail, so that the next time this problem re-occurred, I could fix it myself. All the while, he was polite and pleasant, and he treated me with respect. In addition, the staff in the office were very cordial and polite. I received great service from start to finish. – M.T.

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