Appliance Repair Technician

Justin is an experienced technician and has been a member of the Mansfield community for 13 years now.  His past experience is in oil and gas accounting.  And he plays his cards close to the vest.  This is all we got out of him!  We suspect he’s probably a Texas Ranger fan though.  He looks the type.  Go Rangers!

What Our Customers Are Saying About Justin:

Justin, the technician, was professional, kept the area clean as he worked and well trained. He not only fixed my appliance but also gave me tips on cleaning/usage of all my appliances. I would say he went above and beyond the service required. I would most definitely recommend and request Justin for all of my appliance needs. This was my first experience with Guinco and will most definitely not be my last. You made a good decision Maytag partnering with such a great company to service your awesome products!!

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