Get to Know Our Appliance Repair Triage Expert


Quality Assurance

Brian was born and raised in Valley View, Texas and has only moved one time in his entire life….  from his parent’s house to his grandparent’s house just down the road. He started out working at a horse ranch here in north Texas and now is a highly respected Field Supervisor and mentor to our Guinco family. Brian and the love of his life, Ms Mendy, have two amazing daughters (Daisey and Braeleigh). 

He is a collector of all things tool and fishing equipment related, and Lady Antebellum has been his favorite musical go-to for years.  Growing up, Brian ate Frosted Flakes, dialed into Dukes of Hazzard and Walker, Texas Ranger. Field of Dreams best describes the story of his life, and that sounds downright peaceful, Brian! Saint Augustine, Florida is his happy place. Everybody needs one of those!

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