Technical Expertise and Knowledge: Our Appliance Repair Technician


Appliance Repair Technician

Jeff Hapes (aka ‘Hapes’) has been with Guinco as far back as when we were just a three-man operation in a garage. He started on some part-time reworks, but through tenacious persistence – i.e calling Jeff Guinn every day for two weeks straight – he moved up to being one of our first full-time employees. After all these years he says that Guinco still always lives up to its values and treats everyone like family. Honesty and empathy are what he considers critical to excellence and success. He cites that it leads all other qualities to fall into place.  Knowing that he could fix a customer’s day brings a sense of accomplishment for Jeff. He says the more times he can do that, the better!

Originally from Iowa, he now lives in Fort Worth with his three children and a pet beta fish. In his spare time, he enjoys playing disc golf, going to the gym, and listening to music – probably Tool. His favorite sports teams to follow are the Dallas Stars, Texas Rangers, and the Denver Broncos. He would title his life “Pending”.  One of his all-time favorite destinations has been the Mayan ruins in Mexico. He was impressed with how much thought went into the architecture – especially with the acoustic design. Make sure to ask him about it sometime! On his bucket list is to see a Dave Matthews concert at Red Rocks in Colorado, go to Hawaii, and visit Sweden.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Jeff:

The technician arrived at the beginning of the time window that had been established. He finished quickly, was efficient, competent, and courteous We could not ask for more and are entirely satisfied with his performance.

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