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I’ve had a few different jobs in various fields. I pride myself in my flexible work ethic and ability to learn in any environment. I began my adult career in oil & gas building control panels for big oil companies. I worked with PLC units and omni-flow meters, building control centers and motor control cabinets, hanging cable tray, running cable and wiring for testing, I made these units for over four years. After this I went back to school and worked part time at Starbucks for one year. After learning how to make the perfect latte, I found an interesting opportunity working for a semiconductor manufacturer. I operated a molecular beam epitaxy reactor in a clean room lab making wafers for fiber optic components. My skills grew and I was exposed to heavy physics and chemistry studies. After five years in the lab I was curious to branch out and grow out of my hometown. Guinco is very active and keeps me on my toes. I love the togetherness atmosphere and the values that guinco embodies. Im happy to help serve my customers and resolve their appliance issues. 

I am originally from Houston but have relocated to Oklahoma City. My family is really spread all over Texas I have many cousins and aunts and uncles from San Antonio to Midland, Corpus Christi to Amarillo. My younger brother is in nursing school at TAMUCC. Family values run deep and traveling around Texas to see everyone is always a highlight of the holidays for me. I currently have an 8-year-old black lab named Luke Paw-Walker. When I’m pulling up to my home and I see my buddy in the window waiting to love on me, I feel like I’ve done my duty. He is my best friend and my favorite cuddle partner and I’m so lucky to have him. When my family comes together we love to spend time outdoors, whether it’s at the beach house on South padre island, floating the river, camping out at the renaissance festival, or on the boat in the lake soaking up the sun is such a great time. I am a foodie and love trying new things, I don’t have a favorite food but I do love a good roast, steak, Thai food, or ramen. If I had to name a place that is my “cheers” I would say where ever I am, with good company. I love a good brew or cocktail with friends. Currently my interests vary from videos to better introduce self-sustaining habits (reduce reuse recycle) to cooking shows or crime TV. I love attending baseball games but don’t have a favorite team. I would title my life, Adventure is out there!! The most amazing place that I’ve ever visited was Paradise Island in the Bahamas, talk about tropical luxury napping in a hammock in the shade of palm trees just feet from the clearest water I’ve ever witnessed. A close second is the magical island Kauai, Hawaii where during a night swim I experienced bioluminescent plankton. Stars in the ocean, what a sight to see! Three things still on my bucket list are to someday own a home, skydive somewhere tropical (I’ve only got two jumps under my belt but I want more), and take a hot air balloon ride. A charity that I’m passionate about is TWLOHA To Write Love on Her Arms, an American nonprofit that aims to present hope for people struggling with addiction, depression, self-injury and thoughts of suicide, while also investing in treatment and recovery. 

On a road trip I’m a mix between the foodie and the Fun Prepper: You brought all the snacks, games, etc to make the trip as fun (or bearable) as possible.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Raquel:

The technician, Raquel, was so very knowledgeable and fixed my problem right away. She was very kind and I want her to service my washer every time it might be needed!

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