Meet Our Appliance Repair Customer Service Manager

Andrea M.

Customer Service Manager

Andrea grew up in nearby Benbrook, and here years later landed not too far away over in Crowley. She is our Customer Service Team Lead and just loves her crazy co-workers!  Seriously, she wants you to know she works with the greatest peeps and loves all of their different personalities.  Back in her younger years, she worked at the AMC Palace 9 movie theater, which is still located in downtown Fort Worth.

Andrea is very happily married to an IT genius and goofball who always keeps her laughing, and together they have three children who keep them on their toes.  The two family fur babies, Maya and Dory, have the cutest personalities!  Growing up in the 80’s, Andrea loved it all….Full House, Groundhog Day and Captain Crunch Peanut Butter cereal! Andrea is also an avid gamer and invites you to follow her on Twitch!  Andrea has been to Seattle, Washington and absolutely loves it, but travel overseas, swimming with dolphins, and some snorkeling are still at the top of her To Do List.  Andrea has a huge heart and donates to any childhood cancer foundation and with good reason… her sweet nephew, Mason, lost his battle to cancer and will forever be in her heart. She hopes you will look into these wonderful foundations and lend a helping hand, as well.

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