Shauntal G.

Expert Solutions and Outstanding Service: Meet Our OKC Coordinator

Customer Service Coordinator

Born and raised in Fort Worth, Shauntal (a.k.a. JUDY), is always quick to laugh at a good dad joke or pun. All of her jobs have involved customer interaction of some kind, but she claims that everything she knows comes from the great teachers at Guinco. She loves all of her Guinco co-workers to pieces, they are the best part of every day. (Geez thanks!) Being honest is what is most important to her, even if it means giving someone bad news. You can’t build trust without honesty. Doing her best, finishing her work on time, and getting to help out her coworkers is what excellence means to Shauntal.  She would like you to know that Guinco is an honest and dependable company who does the best we can to help our customers.

She says that her sense of humor comes from her two cats, Shadow and Tyrion, as well as her boyfriend. Some childhood favorites (and all time favorites in general) are Panic! At the Disco, Star Trek the Next Generation, and her Grandmother’s Mac and Cheese recipe. When she’s not providing some outstanding service for customers, you can find her reading fantasy books, catching up on some stealth or RPG video games, and discovering new music. Shauntal has enjoyed exploring the Washington D.C. area, but has now set her sights on visiting the Bahamas or traveling to Japan sometime soon. Environmental issues have a place close to her heart and she recommends checking out Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide if you are curious.

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