Discover the Skill and Knowledge of Our Appliance Repair Accountant

Tracy S.

Finance Manager

An Okie girl all the way, Tracy started out in the tiny town of Cleveland (close to Tulsa), now lives in Claremore and will soon move to Stillwater where she can support her beloved OSU Pokes from down the street.  As Guinco’s Financial Director, Tracy feels fortunate to get to work with a lot of her family and loves working with all of the wonderful Guinco Staff.  Tracy has three children who are all in their twenties now; Mason is on the rodeo team at Connors State College, Morgan is starting at OSU in the Fall, and oldest son, Logan, is recently married. Her closest brush with fame was by the dashboard light of the front row at a Meatloaf concert years ago.  

Thanks to the boss’s suggestion, Tracy’s current read is Profit First, but she’s sneaking in a few chapters of Eat, Pray, Love when he’s not looking.  She has been to the awe inspiring Great Pyramids in Egypt and still dreams of staying in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora, diving at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and visiting Bali, Indonesia.  An advocate of St Jude Children’s Research Hospital and also PAWS, Tracy hopes you’ll look into both and lend support. 

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