Say Hello to Our Trusted Appliance Technician


Appliance Repair Specialist

Robby is not just your average appliance repair technician. This Peoria native is a true jack-of-all-trades when it comes to fixing anything with a plug. When he‘s not busy saving the day with his trusty tool kit, he can be found spending quality time with his lovely family Kat and┬áJakobie. But don‘t let his profession fool you, Robby is a big movie buff and an avid gamer who loves all things geeky. From lightsabers to warp drives, he can talk your ear off about his favorite movies, Star Wars and Star Trek. And when he‘s not using his expert skills to troubleshoot your broken appliances, you can find him cheering on his beloved Phoenix Suns. With a love for all types of music, but a soft spot for rock and metal, Robby truly lives life to the fullest and sprinkles a little bit of fun into everything he does.

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