Sam S.

Deliveries and Logistics

Sam is a five year resident of the city of Euless. He previously worked as a UPS package handler and vending route driver, which makes him just right for Parts Delivery for Guinco! Sam is invaluable in helping our technicians get your parts as quickly as possible.

Sam is a big fan of Anime, most any literary genre, table top RPG (we will not show our ignorance and ask what that is), and video games. He likes to rock out. To “Princess Bride”. Well, he probably doesn’t add soundtrack, but that is a classic! His favorite book is “Sword Art Online: Act 4 – Alicization”. ….. …. Yeah, we had to look that up too. And in case you didn’t see this coming, his favorite place to be is his computer desk at home! Here’s to Sam, our new resident geek! You go, Sam! But wait! He cheers for the Texas Rangers! Didn’t see that one comin’.

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