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Appliance Repair Specialist

Samuel is a Fort Worth boy born and bred!  His humble entry into the adult workforce was in a food court Greek restaurant.  Now as part of our team of Guinco technicians, he considers himself something of an appliance whisperer, and is confident in and proud of his Guinco family.  The only thing Samuel wants to “collect” are dolla dolla bills y’all, to bring home to his lovely wife and four beautiful kids (because… big family). When asked what movie title best describes his life, we are given Last Action Hero!  (We had no idea life as a Guinco technician was so intense!) He’s a big fan of Dragon Ball and Fantasy Football podcasts whenever he can tune in.  His favorite place to visit is Glenwood Springs, but Time Square is at the top of his bucket list. If you have a chance, Samuel would love for you to learn more about Unicef and what they do for children around the world.  

What Our Customers Are Saying About Samuel:

I would like to thank you for employing such a knowledgeable & professional appliance specialist, Samuel. He knew how to assess if the machine really had a problem & whether or not it needed further diagnosing. He was excellent in relating this technology to me, his customer, in a manner that I could understand. When he was done, I felt like I just went to class. Believe me, as a retired auto shop owner & spouse of an A.S.E. Auto Master Tech, it’s rare to run into individuals that carry all of these qualities in one package: knowledgeable, professional, passionate about their work, efficient, honest, & with the ability to convey at customer’s level. Samuel even went over & beyond the call. I was so impressed with him, that I asked him about another appliance I had problems with. Turned out it was something simple; to a knowledgeable technician. It just needed to be recalibrated. It now works after not working for two years. I’m a very satisfied customer, Thank You.

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