Gabriel M.

The Role of our Appliance Repair Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Gabriel is a native son of Fort Worth, having lived here his entire life. He spent time as a UTA student employee, and also as a server at Edohana Sushi. We keep a wary eye out in the kitchen… we never know when he may bust out an Edohana move on us! During Gabriel’s early years he tried out his acting chops at Casa Manana. He is a terrific help in the Accounting Dept. here at Guinco now, so we assume his thespian skills didn’t pan out. 

Gabriel comes from a wonderful, tight knit family of two parents, two brothers (Eric and Samuel, who is a Guinco technician), one niece (Maya), two nephews (Martin & Joaquin), and one amazing canine, Jazz the Siberian Huskey. When not at Guinco, Gabriel likes going to movies, reading and playing music. His musical taste trends toward Michael Jackson, Radiohead, Stone Temple Pilots, and The Who, to name a few. Movies that capture his interest are “The Graduate”, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” and “Drive”. Literary faves are “Neverwhere”, “The Gunslinger”, “Frankenstein” and “Beowolf”. We assume his favorite beaches can be found in Mexico, since he roots for the Mexican National Soccer Team. Viva Guinco!

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