Expert Appliance Repair Triage Specialist

Larry R.

Quality Assurance Specialist

Larry grew up in Desoto, but these days he calls Midlothian home.  He started out in a television repair shop back in 1975 and now provides technical support to our ever growing team of technicians. The comradery and dedication to serving our customers is what he enjoys most at Guinco Service.  However, his choice of The Towering Inferno to describe his life leads us to believe he may feel a bit like a man running around with his hair afire some days!

On a more calming note, Larry is into collecting antique televisions and radios in his spare time. He’s also a Led Zeppelin fan on the musical front, and enjoys watching tv classics such as Happy Days and All In The Family.  A few more of his personal favorites include Hot Rod Magazine and Fruit Loops for breakfast.  He hopes to eventually spend all his time traveling, but so far his favorite spot is the Virgin Islands. Larry asks that you look into St. Judes and the good works they are doing.

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