Behind the Scenes: Meet our Appliance Repair Claims Specialist

Sally S.

Claims Specialist

Ms Sally comes to us live from Funky Town (a/k/a Ft Worth), now living in Azle where she enjoys being a mom to three and Nana to five little munchkins.  Her very first job ever was at Taco Bell, but now she is a driving force in the Guinco Claims Department, and is very appreciative of how all our people work to get along day to day and provide our customers the very best in service.  She is a collector of wine glasses, although she does not imbibe the vino personally.

Throwback faves of Sally’s are the musical group Nickelback, classic tv show Cosby Show and declares Growing Pains best fits the story of her life.  She gets her Guinco day started with a bowl of sugary goodness in the form of Strawberry Pop Tart Cereal, so she might be a bit of a wildcard if you get her on the phone early in the day.  So far, her favorite vacay spot is South Padre but still on the bucket list is experiencing Bora Bora, along with seeing the Northern Lights and watching that herd of grand babies graduate years from now.  On her behalf, check into any organization that supports cancer or chromosomal research ex: Trisomy 18.

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