Appliance Repair Specialist

Meet Chris, the appliance repair specialist who brings his expertise and passion to Phoenix. When he’s not fixing appliances, he enjoys spending time with his loving family, engaging in hobbies that fuel his sense of adventure and curiosity. In his downtime, Chris can be found racing around with his collection of RC cars, delighting in the thrill of remote-controlled speed and maneuverability. But Chris’s interests don’t end there. He’s also an avid coin collector, fascinated by the historical and cultural significance of these small pieces of metal. When it comes to music, Chris finds himself drawn to both freestyle and rock genres. Chris’s movie pick of all time is The Blues Brothers. The movie always brings a smile to his face and a spring to his step. Although Chris resides in Phoenix, his heart belongs to the vibrant city of Chicago. Whether it’s catching a Cubs game at Wrigley Field or exploring the iconic skyline, Chicago holds a special place in his heart.



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