Appliance Repair Technician

Matthew (or as we call him, Matt) loves the family atmosphere that Guinco provides. He thrives on teamwork and is passionate about upholding his integrity and giving his all, no matter the difficulty of the circumstance. Matt would like to let you know that any company can fix your appliance but we look at customers like they are family.

Oldest of three brothers, he grew up enjoying episodes of Power Rangers and snacking on Reese’s Puffs Cereal. In 2006, he moved from Dallas to Scurry to enjoy a more relaxed pace of life. When he’s not assisting Guinco customers he enjoys spending some quality time with his fiancée and his dog, Dooley. A die hard wrestling fan at heart, Matt also enjoys visiting the gun range, or playing some video games in his spare time.  He’s always ready for a wild ride and has some exciting (really just terrifying) things in store for “fun”. Big future endeavors include skydiving, scuba diving and hanging out in a shark cage.

What Our Customers are Saying about Matt:

I am very pleased with the service that I received from Matt Clark on today. He was very professional and ensured that the problem was fixed prior to leaving my home. He waited a few extra minutes to ensure that the ice maker did not leak again. I highly recommend this company

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