Appliance Repair Specialist: Trustworthy and Reliable

Appliance Repair Technician

Meet Brandon an appliance repair specialist from Dallas, TX. He grew up in Grand Prairie and currently lives in North Grand Prairie with his wife, Hannah, and the cute Standard Poodle puppy, Prada. Theres nothing he loves more than enjoying the outdoors with friends and family, fishing, running, playing airsoft, and exploring without limits. When it comes to music, rap, metal/rock, and oldies in particular, are his gotos. He also cant get enough of his favorite TV show,Curb Your Enthusiasm. With a passion for excellence and a keen eye for detail, Brandon is always striving to give customers a quality repair that will last. He gets a sense of accomplishment knowing that he fixed an appliance right the first time and for a long time. As for Brandons bucket list, the Florida Keys, a cruise, and the chance to see a whale up close and in real life await!

What Our Customers Are Saying About Brandon:

I cleaned my oven glass with baking soda and water and it leaked in between the glass panes. Of course I couldn’t get it out and it looked terrible. Brandon removed both doors, cleaned the glass and the housing and reassembled my oven. He did a fantastic job, was careful in my kitchen and taught me some great cleaning tricks using a steamer. Definitely recommend Guinco!

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