The Appliance Repair Technician You've Been Looking For

John J.

Appliance Repair Specialist

John is an adventurous spirit with a wide range of interests. He loves playing sports, listening to music, and exploring new places. He has a special companion, his kitten Carl, who is the best kitty around. John is a fan of all music genres and loves to explore new sounds. His favorite movie is Interstellar, with inception mind movies as close seconds. He loves the classic children’s book Where the Wild Things Are and his favorite place to visit is Australia. John is a passionate fan of the Las Vegas Raiders, cheering them on every week. With his enthusiasm for adventure, sports and music, John is living life to the fullest.

What Our Customers Are Saying About John:

John conducted a major diagnostic on the washer. He was determined to SOLVE the issue. He discovered it was the mother board and ordered the necessary part. He came back out in the blistering Arizona sun and fixed the issue, once the part came in. He was hard working, friendly and an expert at his service.

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