Maria C.

Escalations Representative

Maria is a lifetime Fort Worth girl who shares the home fires with her pup, Mina, and cockatiel, Orion.  She started her work career as a cashier, customer service for Mardel’s, site coordinator for the YMCA, and then a Head Start teacher for 10 years.  We’re thinking that’ll come in handy with our wonderful, albeit at times, rowdy CSR team.

Maria enjoys photography on the side for both business and artistic use.  She loves singing with her church choir, and listens to all types of music, but mostly rock and alternative. She’s a lover of sci-fi movies and superhero movies as well as classic, black and white films and romantic comedies. Maria likes to read a lot but doesn’t zero in on any particular favorite book or theme.  Maria goes straight to the head of the class with a big Go Cowboys AND Rangers!






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