Our Appliance Repair Customer Support Specialist

Maria C.

Escalations Representative

Born and raised right here, Maria still calls Fort Worth home with her daughter Noel, pup Mina and cockatiel Orion.  Enjoying the Guinco environment as part of our ever important Escalation Rep team, Maria is an avid collector of art supplies, camera stuff, music, quotes… all the inspirational goods!  One of her favorite stories, as told often by her dad, is meeting the real “Spanky” McFarland of original Little Rascals fame when she was just a tot.  We asked Maria her opinion on cereals, but she went breakfast rogue on us with pancakes, french toast and… TACOS!!!!  

Touting Chicago as pretty cool and giving a nod to the mountains of Monterrey in Nuevo Leon, her heart is still set on a travel itinerary of Ireland, Greece, Florence, around the countryside in Italy, Paris, London, and Tokyo to take photos of all the architecture, landscapes and people.  Also close to heart is everyone’s favorite… Disney World with her kiddo!  Maria is a supporter of ACH and Lena Pope adoption agencies, along with Scottish Rites for children and asks everyone to check into their good works.

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