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Appliance Repair Technician

Shane hails originally from the northern climes of Michigan and now calls North Texas home with his beautiful wife, two sons and two grandbabies.  The home crew puts him in mind of The Bad News Bears some days (sounds like a house full of good times right there). Before joining the Guinco family as a technician, Shane was a beer sorter for distributors in a convenience store when he was young.  He is a collector of coins and knives, as well as a lover of the Fruity Pebbles. Shane has had the pleasure of scoring a run into Rusty Greer, Raphael Palmero and Mark Macklemore over his baseball loving years. The gorgeous mountain village of Breckinridge, Colorado is at the top of his favorites list, with owning a Classic car, visiting all of the national parks, and traveling back to Germany are still in the bucket.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Shane:

Shane Peterson I was very impressed with the service. Shane Peterson came out (and was training another person who was equally awesome) and was able to quickly identify the problem, fix it and also took time to explain how to properly clean the dishwasher filter. He also noticed that the wheel track on top wasn’t great and fixed that too!

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