Hope J.

Escalations Representative

Hope has been a Fort Worth girl her whole life. She is a Customer Escalation Representative here at Guinco and we are sure glad to have her sweet smile around the office! Before Guinco, Hope worked at Chicken Express and is still a huge fan of their chicken. As are we! At home, Hope has a house full of fun with husband, John, two boys (Jonathan and Xavier), a daughter, Avrie and two dogs (Amos and Cooper).

Hope’s most favorite pastime is just being with her family (human AND the furry, barking ones – Duh!) and her friends of course! She is a nature girl and really digs planting flowers (see what we did there…) and being outside, possibly at the lake. She’s partial to a mix of Oldies and Country music, but will attempt to dance to any kind (out somewhere in the wilds of nature, we assume, possibly wearing a crown of flowers… we jest! …no, she would totally do that). She’s not much of a sports fan, but I bet she’d cheer for any of the Guinco Penguin teams, right Hope?

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