Our Skilled Appliance Repair Customer Service Pro

Hope J.

Customer Service Coordinator

Born and raised in Fort Worth, Hope is a major player on our phenomenal CSR team.  Even on the worst of days, they try to keep things fun and she has formed amazing friendships while here at Guinco.  Hope’s seven-player team at home starts with her rock and foundation, husband John, two wonderful boys (Jonathan and Xavier), a beautiful little girl (the infamous crazy mess o’ fun Avrie) and sweet fur babies (Cooper and Amos).

Our Hope is a collector of elephants (not the living, breathing kind as far as we know but we would not be surprised), rolls with pretty much any kind of music and is a Little Mermaid fan girl from way back.  Most locals are familiar with hometown girl Kelly Clarkson, but Hope actually waited on her at Chicken Express and ran into Pat Green at a liquor store!  You just never know who you’ll run into in The Fort, but Hope’s got it covered.

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