Introducing Our Professional Appliance Repair Service Coordinator

Lori B.

Customer Service Coordinator

Lori originally hails from Graham, Texas but today resides out in the countryside near Bowie, Texas.  Her job as Dispatcher is different everyday…  pretty much like putting a map puzzle together, and she loves the people she works with!   Lori shares the farmstead with husband Brandon and has three sons and one daughter, with Teddy, Sassy and Oakely rounding out the 4-legged family members and a number of chickens who are kinda pets, but mostly in charge of the family egg delivery system.

Out in the countryside, living on a dirt road, Lori shares that the only thing she really collects is dust (ba dum tsss)….  maybe some better jokes too.  She did wander off the dirt road far enough to meet Mr. Chuck Norris of martial art / acting fame at some point.  Cozumel is Lori’s island jam, but she sure would love to travel to more places around the globe, add in some skydiving, and take her hubby to Disney World.  Lori supports the American Foundation for the Blind, but basically any group really that helps those that are blind.  Check them out to see the good works they provide. 

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