Lori B.


Lori joined us at the beginning of summer 2010. She loves to talk, which is handy since she’s a CSR! She lists her previous job experience as “domestic goddess” as well as having permanent employment secured by her gaggle of kids. We would like to know the going rate for that position, so we might back-bill ours! Three boys and one beautiful little girl keep Lori running in circles when she’s not hanging with us during the day. Lori is also employed by her three-legged dog Kassie (a.k.a. Tripod – that is just wrong!) and a Ball Python named Karma. What happens if Karma gets loose?! Bad karma! For everybody.

Lori is a certified scuba diver, but when she’s not paddling around, ogling fish under the deep blue sea she does like to read books and watch movies. A romantic at heart, her favorite movies are “Love Actually” and “Gone with the Wind” (which is also her favorite book). Lori’s iPod is loaded with every kind of music, which she enjoys jammin’ to in any place considered tropical! We’ll throw some sand down for ya in the back of the warehouse and put a little umbrella in your morning coffee!








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