Appliance Repair Technician

Mr. John is coming on board as our lone technician up in the Wichita Falls area, where he has resided for the past 29 years with his wife, three daughters, lone son, a baker’s dozen in grand kiddos and one mystery pet.  His years of experience as an in-home technician will come in handy for our new customer base.  John is very much an outdoorsy guy who loves camping, fishing, woodworking, hiking and kayaking.  Classic Rock is on his Playlist, the “Hunt for Red October” is both favorite movie AND book!  He’ll settle in and enjoy either medium when he hangs out in Red River, NM (one of our faves too, John).  He gets immediately on board with a big Go Cowboys!  Most importantly here in north Texas, John is a member of SKYWARN so Guinco now also has it’s own early warning system! 

What Our Customers Are Saying About John:

John from Guinco did an awesome job for us today!  He even showed us the best settings to use to get the very best results from our dishwasher! – T.R.

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