Chris W.

Fleet Management

Chris landed in Venus, Texas in the not too distant past and immediately began work for Guinco as a technician. He is a self proclaimed Jack of All Trades & Master of None. We can confirm that so far he is a master jokester around the office! Chris has two daughters, three grandchildren and three dogs to try to keep him straight. Chris is very passionate about billiards and fishing, but the top interest in his life is his love for Cindy, his girlfriend. 

He likes 70’s and 80’s rock, but hey if it sounds good, he’ll like it! “Breakfast Club” and “Secretariat” are his fave movies. That’s quite a gap in years there, Chris! Nothing caught your fancy in between? Tough crowd! Coach Tom Osborne authored Chris’s best read, “On Solid Ground”. His love of fishing leads to his favorite place to be…. on any body of water. Chris is a fan of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. We’ll allow it. He is also a member of APA Billiards.

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