Say Farewell to Faulty Appliances with Our Pro Repair Technician


Appliance Repair Specialist

Meet Talon, the home appliance repair guru hailing from the charming town of Wylie. Besides being a skilled repair specialist, his world revolves around his beautiful wife Tawnie and their two children, Corban and Asher. Talon’s home is also filled with the loving company of four furry friends Hemo, Lily, Talia, and Cornelius. When he‘s not busy fixing appliances, you‘ll find Talon jamming out to metal, jazz, and blues music or adding to his impressive card collection. He‘s also an avid nature lover and his ultimate happy place is outdoors. And when it comes to sports, this proud Wylie native supports all the local Dallas teams! Talon’s top picks for entertainment include the classic movie Forest Gump and the book, Lord of the Flies. With his skills, passions, and fun-loving personality, Talon is definitely one of a kind!

What Our Customers Are Saying about Talon:

Talon was knowledgeable, professional and personable. Very friendly young man, definitely a great representative.

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