Jeff G

Appliance Repair Industry Leader: Jeff at Guinco Service

CEO and Founder

Jeff and his family have been residents of Fort Worth, Texas since 1991. He started Guinco out of his garage in April of 1997 as the lone technician. Over two decades down the road, aside from heading up this ornery crew, over the years, Jeff has also dabbled as janitor, office cook, dispatcher, customer service rep, accounting assistant, and part delivery gopher for our continually growing Guinco gang. He started in the family business with his Dad at age 13 (HVAC and appliance service) in Cleveland, Oklahoma. After high school, Jeff served in the United States Navy for four years and then moved on to an HVAC and appliance service company in Tulsa, Okla. From there he brought his young family to Texas and was a top Whirlpool factory service technician for several years, as well as worked in the home-building industry for a bit before starting Guinco Service. Jeff has been married for 35 fantastic and adventurous years to his wife, Toni, and together they have been blessed with two incredible sons (Jared and Ethan).  Their family has grown in recent years to include two gorgeous daughters-in-law (Yolanda and Christy) and three incredible little grandsons who keep us all hopping (Nolan, Devin and Liam)!

To understand the drive that propels our company, knowing a bit about our fearless leader goes a long way in shedding some light….   Jeff is an avid snow skier and Master Diver. He has dove in the deep blue waters of Hawaii with his boys, zip lined and wrestled gators in Costa Rica, ran with the bulls in Pamplona, hunted in Argentina, sailed all around the Virgin Islands, biked through the streets of Paris, poured Guinness in Dublin, Ireland and climbed more castle stairs than he wants to admit throughout England and Scotland.   Having said all that, whipping up a fantastic home cooked creation for his family is his ultimate happy place.  And he IS quite the chef!  The boss’s musical taste is quite eclectic, as he listens to southern rock, blues, country, jazz, classical music, alternative rock and everything in between when he’s out cruising the country roads on his Screaming Eagle.  His bookshelf is loaded with action-adventure reads (right in line with the family lifestyle), and movie showings in the Guinn theatre are filled with comedy, action and classic favourites such as “The Shawshank Redemption”…  when sporting events are not playing!  And on that note, this household is a staunch supporter of …. who else, but the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers!

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