Meet Our Expert Appliance Repair Culture Operations Manager

Toni G

Culture Operations Manager

Toni is the other half of the original Guinn equation, having lived in Fort Worth with her family since 1991. She came home from the office workforce in 2000 to help Jeff get Guinco up and running out of their garage. Toni started out as the lone office staffer who did it all, but her job evolved and changed over the years as more people came on board.  She has now been able to step back and lends a hand to Marketing and Accounting when needed.  Married for 35 years and working together in one office together for over 20 years has had a few challenges, but more often than not has been very rewarding and full of laughter. Their two sons, Jared and Ethan, keep her on her toes with their “special” brand of humor, but have pleased her greatly by adding two beautiful daughters-in-law (Yolanda and Christy) and three amazing little grand boys all under the age of two (Nolan, Devin and Liam) to the tribe.

Toni is a huge supporter of The Fort with it’s unique brand of history, art, eateries and fantastic chefs, wine bars, local musicians, festivals, Fort Worth Zoo, Sundance Square, Stockyards…. just all of it! When she slows down long enough, she will unwind with a great science fiction, suspense or adventure novel. Her latest passion is dabbling in paint! Toni is always game for a healthy dose of laughter and indulges in the comedic movie genre more often than not, with a bit of action and adventure thrown in. Classic rock, alt rock, jazz, various musicals and country all have a spot among her Playlists. A new found love of travel with her partner in crime has developed over the past few years with trips to Mexico, the Virgin Islands, France, Spain, Ireland, the U.K. and many, many beautiful states in this great country of ours. Get out and explore our U.S.of A… it’s a vast and wonderful place full of beauty and adventure! Toni’s current plan is to just keep on exploring and enjoying life with her family.  The fun is just beginning!

Oh yeah…. Go Rangers!

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