Introducing Our Oklahoma Appliance Repair Technician Supervisor

Technician Supervisor

What can we say about Derek? Well, for starters he’s a part of the Guinco opening volley in Oklahoma City! Derek is from Hominy, America (Oklahoma) where he started out as a lifeguard and worked in the oilfield. We are happy to claim him as an experienced technician in our new area.

Derek is an accomplished athlete, but doesn’t have one favorite sport over another. He’s game for anything, as long as it’s all in fun. He is a country music fan (required in Oklahoma and Texas) and has so many favorite movies, he just doesn’t know where to begin! However, he very specifically has a passion for “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss. It is indeed a classic. He relaxes in Colorado every chance he gets and cheers for the Minnesota Vikings (what?!) and OU. BOOMER!

What Our Customers Are Saying About Derek:

Derek was extremely professional and efficient. Fixed our appliance and even looked at another while he was here just in case. Amazing service and very thankful for his skill set and the value we received. Thank you!

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