Your Go-To Appliance Repair Customer Service Specialist

Becky R.

Customer Service Coordinator

Becky grew up in Oregon but currently resides in Florida. So far, everybody she has met at Guinco is super nice and she really enjoys making all these new friends.  Becky grew up working on the family farm from the wee age of 8 picking berries and zucchini, and then moved up to combines, bean pickers and moving irrigation until graduating high school. Her son and daughter keep her busy on the home front when she’s not out exploring on quick weekend getaways in the Arizona desert.

She likes to read (currently into Spark: Academy of Unpredictable Magic) and mess around planting flowers on her comfy patio where she may enjoy a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats from time to time.  Becky has a few oldies but goodies she’d like to share… music by 3 Doors Down, watching The Cosby Show and Alf. She has two favorite places she has particularly enjoyed on this beautiful planet of ours…the island of Jamaica and the incredible beauty of the Redwood Forest, but still on her travel bucket list is Scotland, traveling the whole of the U.S.of A. in the 5th wheel, and sometime in the future checking out that famous City of Lights…. Paris!

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