Your Appliances Deserve the Best: Our Repair Tech

Appliance Repair Specialist

Starting at Guinco has been an opportunity to open a door to a new career for Kyle. While he modestly claims to only collect random knowledge, he’s certainly using his talents to excel at appliance repair. For him, excellence is always striving to be better than he was yesterday. His biggest sense of accomplishment comes from knowing he made a positive change or completed a difficult task. As far as he’s concerned,  everyone in the Guinco family has been above and beyond. He hopes you appreciate the hard working staff at Guinco as much as he does.

Born and raised in Texas, Kyle currently lives in Arlington. He comes from a close knit family of four that includes his sister and ‘the best parents a kid could have asked for’ (dang that’s sweet!). He’s a cowboys fan through and through. He did get to watch them go to the Super Bowl as a child but would love to see it again. His favorite way to spend time with friends is playing sand volleyball and going out for some good times at Lucky Lou’s or Fuzzy’s. On his bucket list is to go to the summit of Mauna Kea where Keck observatory is located to catch a beautiful view of the galaxy. While some might be quick to label the story of his life “To Infinity and Beyond”, he prefers “This isn’t flying, this is falling, with style”.

What Our Customers are Saying about Kyle:

Kyle was the technician. He was very friendly and qualified. He explained and fixed my issue right away. He gave me his card when leaving and said if I had any more questions that I thought of or after he left that I could call or email.

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