Jasmine N.

Meet Our Expert Appliance Repair Parts Facilitator

Warehouse, Parts & Logistics

Jasmine and her family (hubby and two boys) call Fort Worth home.  In her younger years, she started out at Main Event, but these days Jasmine is a member of our spectacular CSR team where she says the peeps she works with are pretty sweet, and the company she works for isn’t too shabby either.

Jasmine is a jazz lover whose life story is best depicted by My Big Fat Greek Wedding (we want a big bowl of popcorn and a spot in the corner!), but also likes to just kick back with a couple of books.  Also, important information to know is she is a Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal advocate. Top of the bucket list is buying a home and taking her kiddos to said beach. And Hawaii! Let’s load up those babies and go!

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