Mastering the Art of Appliance Repair: Meet Our Technician


Appliance Repair Technician

Kenny grew up in South Korea before moving to Frisco, Texas a number of years ago with his wife and three sons.  Originally a Telecom technician, Kenny is now a member of the Guinco tech team and enjoys the good tech care provided as well as the great CSR team. Kenny is a collector of musical instruments and lover of Raisin Bran cereal.  When he was younger, Kenny enjoyed the musical stylings of Carlos Santana and watching that old cartoon favorite Tom and Jerry. His favorite place he’s been is the northern state of Wisconsin. Kenny has been lucky to meet some PGA players and on his bucket list are playing golf with Tiger Woods as well as playing the top 100 national golf courses and going on a few mission tours.  Kenny asks that you read up on Compassion Int’l and see what they are all about.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Kenny:

Ken was great. He immediately understood the issue and knew how to fix it. While he was repairing our dishwasher, he was checking that everything else was fine and making sure we understood not only the fix but that he addressed a part which he adjusted so the wear and subsequent failure we had would not occur again. I really couldn’t be happier. Guinco kept me informed of the status and communicated very well too. I do not have any recommendations or suggestions to improve the service because it really was top notch!

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