Appliance Repair Technician

With an analytical mind for solving puzzles, appliance repair offered an avenue for Taylor’s problem-solving inclinations. His interest in repair work started while working at Leslie’s pool supplies when he was helping repair equipment. At Guinco, he values the tight-knit, family feel and how readily available everyone is to help. This appreciation comes from his work ethic and experience as a team player.  For him, excellence is a quality that is above and beyond. He feels a sense of accomplishment when he’s learning something different or is able to get through a difficult job to the best of his abilities.

Originally from Abilene TX, Taylor moved to Arlington and eventually Grand Prairie with his girlfriend, two dogs, and one cat. A talented musician, he plays double bass, piano, cello, and even sings! His genre of expertise is probably jazz with his favorite song being ‘Goodbye Pork Pie Hat’ by Charles Mingus. Music aside, his longtime passion includes voice acting and storytelling which he gets to incorporate as a DM for Dungeons and Dragons. Not one for labels or stagnation, he would title his life “Working Title”. His favorite place to have visited so far is New York due to how it has a life of its own. He would like to write a novel, finish a full D&D campaign (with a grand finale and everything!), build a house, and travel the world with his girlfriend.

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