Stacy S.

Director of Marketing

Stacy is the newly appointed Director of Marketing for Guinco and has an extensive background in agency experience. Her passion for NASCAR is what landed her in Texas from Michigan a few years back when she started working for Texas Motor Speedway. She is a doting Aunt to her two adorable nieces, Isabelle and Charleigh, way up Michigan way. Stacy is the mother to her sweet little fur baby, Lilly.

When she’s not coming up with great marketing strategies, you can find her at the lake, fishing, a good ole’ Texas Country concert, working out or visiting those kinfolk back in Michigan. Racing has been a part of her upbringing, so naturally, Stacy is an avid fan of NASCAR. Her all-time favorite driver is Jeff Gordon, but since his retirement, you can find her cheering for Ryan Newman and Kyle Larson! As a Michigan State alum, she tends to shout at the TV in the fall season, so she’ll fit right in with this crew! GO GREEN! (…or insert any Texas team…) We’ll get her straightened out!

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