Appliance Repair Technician

A love for solving problems and helping others is what motivated William to switch from plastic manufacturing to appliance repair.  From diagnosing issues to customer care, he enjoys all aspects of his job. William considers integrity to be a defining quality of being the best in the industry. Being open and honest, and never taking shortcuts are what he considers the epitome of integrity. Nothing feels better than knowing he lived up to these qualities and exceeded expectations. William would like to let you know that he will always do his best to resolve your issue in the best manner possible from start to finish!

Originally from Nevada, he now lives in Phoenix Arizona with his wife, son and soon to arrive daughter. His favorite way to unwind is spending some quality time with his son or playing with his two dogs and cat. Steak is one of his all-time favorite things to make, but he’s always down for some Buffalo Wild Wings as well. In his spare time, you will find him listening to innumerable audiobooks or enjoying some peace and quiet. The Sequoia National Forest in California is at the top of his traveling highlights so far. He’s planned some more awe-inspiring journeys such as sky diving, deep-sea diving, and visiting an ancient city.

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