Field Supervisor - PHX

Originally from Rantoul in central Illinois, Steve now lives in Phoenix.  Not counting mowing lawns and shoveling snow, Steve was out hitting the paper route for the Rantoul Press when he was a youngun.  A member of our Guinco Phoenix crew, Steve has had the pleasure of spending time with the Guinco Texas family where all made him feel right at home and were very kind.

Alan Parsons Project was and still is his band and his throwback TV fave back in the day was All In the Family.  Fun facts about Steve… he reads any publication relating to college and pro football (usually while enjoying his bowl of Raisin Bran) and met Jackson Brown backstage at a concert many, many years ago!  On Oahu out in the Hawaiian islands is where he found his inner peace but still hopes to travel to Italy, Germany and Yosemite National Park some time in the future. Steve is a big fan of the Humane Society and hopes you’ll check them out!

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