Appliance Repair Technician

Grant joined us here in the Fort a number of years ago all the way from jolly old England, but then traveled further west out to Arizona last year as the inaugural technician for Guinco Phoenix!  He feels his day job is just like working with a big family but, even more importantly, adventuring alongside him is his favorite family team of his gorgeous wife, Alexandra, and little daughter dog Ziggy!  Grant is a big movie buff and has been building a movie collection for 15 years.  He’s pretty sure the movie Upside Down is a fit description of his life now but as a wee lad back across the pond, he was all about that Pokemon!  Grant has read Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series repeatedly and absolutely loved his time spent in Cairo, Egypt… the pyramids are mind blowing!  Still up for more adventure, he’s looking forward to adding snowboarding, skydiving and a visit to Tokyo, Japan to his resume. 

What Our Customers are Saying About Grant:

Grant K. was a professional in all regards, calling ahead, performing with friendly and knowledgeable attitude, and able to solve the problem. Great accent too!

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