Appliance Repair Technician

Grant traversed the big pond from Great Britain to hang out with us here in Fort Worth, where he resides with his silly dog, Bella (unclear if that’s a personality trait or a little known UK breed). He is a well-liked experienced technician here at Guinco Service.

Grant is into video games, cycling and parkour! Maybe that explains the overturned furniture and disgruntled co-worker expressions we’ve noticed lately. He’s into the “oldies but goldies” classic rock tunes, and is a Jason Statham movie fan. The “Foundation” series by Isaac Asimov is his go to read, and Grant loves to hang out in Silverthorne, Colorado (we do too, Grant!). His fave sports team is Arsenal. A competition shooting team, perhaps? Not sure, but Go Cowboys, Mavs and Rangers! Grant is also a member of a weekend cyclist club! See you out on the road, Grant!

What Our Customers are Saying About Grant:

Grant K. was a professional in all regards, calling ahead, performing with friendly and knowledgeable attitude, and able to solve the problem. Great accent too!

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