Appliance Repair Technician

With over 20 years of experience, Tony has done it all. From the humble beginnings of taking some AC and refrigeration classes, he’s garnered experience working at other companies and then running his own business. Ultimately, he decided to stay with the Guinco team because he believes in our family values and our dedication to excellence and knowledgeable service. When he knows that he did everything to the best of his ability he feels a huge sense of accomplishment. He would like to let you know that you can always count on Guinco. 

Originally from Mesquite, he now lives in the Kaufman county area with his two daughters, two sons, two Frenchies, and one African Grey parrot. When he’s not working hard for Guinco customers, he enjoys fixing up project cars in his spare time. He might not have a favorite restaurant, but nothing hits the spot like a perfectly made lasagna. He will occasionally get into a show like ‘911’ or ‘This is Us’ if he’s not also catching up on some Dallas Cowboys or Texas Rangers games. Adventurous and optimistic in spirit, he would title his life ‘The Big Adventure’. His favorite place to have visited so far is Disney World – just to see the smiles on his kids’ faces was enough to make him love this place. Close to his heart is Mothers against Drunk Drivers. In addition to providing education about drunk driving and underage drinking, MADD offers support for victims of impaired driving accidents.

What Our Customers Say About Tony: 

Tony is the Best! He is wonderful, On Time, A very Professional Hard-worker .. He has been my technician for the last 2yrs and he always knowledgeable about my appliances. I could not ask for better technician than Tony! If you get him he is a keeper.. Thanks again Tony for all the help with my Fridge each time.

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