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Laundry Dryer Repair

Is your dryer vibrating or making strange noises?  Maybe it won’t run, or maybe it runs but then almost immediately shuts off.  A very common issue is clothes not getting dry. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, or other problems, give us a call here at Guinco Service and we’ll send one of our factory trained technicians over to repair or service your dryer.  Check the following for the major dryer brands Guinco services.

Guinco Service started out in Fort Worth over 20 years ago and remains a family owned and operated business in appliance repair.  Guinco’s highly qualified technicians are always required to pass background checks. We also you offer a 90 day parts and labor guarantee.  

Call our CSR Team today at 817.568.2866 to set up an appointment so we can provide you the knowledge to decide whether to repair the unit or purchase a new one.  Or, you can always schedule your appointment online!

 Thank you for letting our family help yours!

Be sure to make sure that your appliance is sitting level and check the legs. Also, be sure to check if the legs are overextended. If it is level and the legs are all even, you may have something off balance in the unit. We recommend having a certified technician evaluate the appliance to provide a proper diagnosis and repair.

If your dryer is warming but your clothes are not drying, you may have one of these issues, check out our dryer not drying blog.

You may also contact http://www.dryerfighter.com/ to assist.

Yes. If you do not regularly clean your lint trap it can become a fire hazard.

To help motivate you, we’ve written a blog of fun things to do with dryer lint.

When it comes to dryers, no news is good news. By this, we mean that if the dryer isn’t loud enough to hear from the other room, it’s probably doing its job. But what happens when it sounds like thunder? This is the point where people freak out and make the service call, even if it’s something small. We’re here to combat that, saving you time and money in this blog.

Today is your laundry day and you’ve come across a problem. Your dryer won’t turn on which is really inconvenient as it was just working last week. You don’t have lines or pins on hand to dry outside, so you’re really backed into the corner on this one. Read more in our blog!

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