Guinco’s “Fun with Dryer Lint”, a/k/a Dryer Maintenance!

Guinco’s “Fun with Dryer Lint”, a/k/a Dryer Maintenance!

A few weeks back, we shared with you the how-to’s of cleaning out your lint trap in your dryer. Keeping your dryer lint free is quite an important topic with the general public at large, so we thought we’d dive into it again to emphasise the importance of a clean lint trap while having a little fun with it. Join us in “camouflaging” this chore by turning it into cool and useful projects. We have compiled a list of uses for lint while simultaneously performing maintenance on your dryer. Check it!

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Dryer lint is very flammable, which is one reason to keep your lint trap cleaned out. This same trait makes lint great for homemade fire starters! Grab that empty toilet paper roll (see, this is a two-fer on reusables!), stuff lint inside, wrap the whole shebang in newspaper (this might be tricky for those of you firmly entrenched in the paperless column), tuck the ends in and voila! Perfect for summer evening fire pits. Hey green thumbs, use it for mulch during the winter months! Lint will retain water for your plants, but will break down in the soil over time.

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The seamstresses amongst us will find dryer lint handy for stuffing those pillows, quilts or even stuffed animals you have crafted with your needle magic. The crafty crowd can use dryer lint instead of newspaper strips for your next paper mache creation. (School projects… just sayin’!) If you’re in search of a fun summer chore for Junior and Little Lily, don’t throw away that used cereal box (yet another reusable item)! You can have some Arts & Crafts time while attempting to instill the “keep your dryer lint trap clean” lesson early on by letting the kids decorate the cereal box to their heart’s content, sitting it by the dryer and dubbing your child the “Lint Collector”, which takes a very special set of skills! Maybe they’ll prefer a cool title over allowance money… worth a shot!

As you can see, there are several unusual but simple uses for dryer lint, and if you search around you’ll find several more. Most importantly, don’t forget the underlying lesson in all this…. After each load of laundry, get that lint out of the dryer lint trap! Check the dryer vent every few months as well to keep the fire risk at bay and to keep your dryer happily tumbling along!

Once again, call Guinco Service for all your appliance repair needs…. And thank you, for letting our family help yours!

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