Is Your Dryer Not Drying?

Is Your Dryer Not Drying?

When dealing with dryers, there is nothing more frustrating than damp clothes. After all, what’s the point of spending the money on a machine if it can’t do the job it’s fundamentally built to do? And yet so many people just ignore the fact that it’s taking two cycles for clothes to be reasonably dry. In response to this, we’re going to run through a handful of reasons that your dryer might not be drying effectively.

A Failed Internal Fuse

Just like a home’s electrical system, a dryer has fuses that can fail at any time. If the heat-sensing fuse in your dryer fails, it will be unable to heat properly or accurately, and your result will be loads and loads of damp, mildew-scented clothes. If your dryer has stopped drying properly following an episode of overheating, chances are it’s a thermal fuse. However, unlike household fuses, it cannot be reset, and must be replaced.

This fuse is internal and we advise having a technician replace it.   You can always call Guinco Service and have one of our experts replace it for you!

A Clogged Dryer Lint Catch

This is probably the most well-known dryer problem. Thankfully, it’s also probably the easiest to solve. Dryer lint catch always get clogged over time with lint and other particles that accumulate. The problem this poses is an inability for the dryer to let out the hot, humid air. If it can’t let the moisture out, your clothes will be hot and damp and the end of the cycle.

The fix here is to simply clean out the lint catch after each load. The dual benefit of cleaning out the dryer lint catch is that you’re also removing the risk of a dryer lint build up internal, that could lead to a dryer fire, which is statistically the most common cause of home fires.

A Clogged Exhaust Vent

This problem is, as I’m sure you could guess, similar to the dryer lint catch issue. However, being that the ducts are located behind the machine itself, they are much more difficult to clean out, and result in serious damage to the machine and a potential fire hazard if not done correctly. If all of the fuses are in good shape, and the dryer exhaust vent is clear and not kinked or squeezed between the dryer and wall yet your clothes are still damp, it could very likely be an external duct clog. For this, you should call a duct cleaning service.
We hope these tips helped you avoid an expensive call, and if you do have to make that service call, you can reach us at Guinco Service by calling 844.3.GUINCO, or reach us online at Thank you for letting our family help yours!


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