“Help! My dryer sounds like it’s gonna blow!”

“Help! My dryer sounds like it’s gonna blow!”

When it comes to dryers, no news is good news. By this, we mean that if the dryer isn’t loud enough to hear from the other room, it’s probably doing its job. But what happens when it sounds like thunder? This is the point where people freak out and make the service call, even if it’s something small. We’re here to combat that, saving you time and money. (And making sure you have dry clothes)

“My dryer is making loud sounds and shaking violently!”

When it comes to this problem, the shaking is the key. A perfectly level dryer will not shake and rattle around your laundry room. It’s exceedingly likely that your dryer is off balance. In short, to balance your dryer you need to first make sure it isn’t wedged against the wall. After you’ve insured that this isn’t the case, check the dryer legs and the area directly beneath the machine itself. While it may be a little bit gross under there, that’s probably where your problem is starting. If there is an object under a dryer leg, or under the machine as a whole that’s causing the imbalance, simply remove it and try the machine again.

If the space under the machine is clear, and it’s free from the wall, simply adjust the adjustable legs until it’s sitting nice and flat. Restart your machine, and watch it for a few minutes. If the shaking has stopped, the machine will also be quieter. Win-win! However, if the machine is still shaking there may be an internal problem, and which point it may be best to call a service tech, like us at Guinco Service.

“My dryer isn’t shaking, but it’s making loud panging noises!”

Typically, this means that there is some loose object in the machine itself. If you’re lucky, it’ll just be in your clothes pile. Shut off the machine and proceed to open the door. Remove the clothes and make sure of a few things. Check to see if all of the zippers are zipped. Once that’s checked off the list, check to make sure any buttons or buckles are fastened. These could all be the noisy culprit. When all of that has been checked off your list, check to make sure there are no extra passengers in the dryer. These could include your cell phone, keys, coin change, anything metal or hard really. If all that checks off the list, then there might be something dislodged in the machine itself. At that point, it may be best to call a service tech, like us at Guinco Service.

“My dryer isn’t shaking or rattling, but it’s making a loud, high pitched sound!”

This is the worst kind of sound you can hear from your dryer. This almost always signifies a broken or worn out part inside the machine itself, typically a drum bearing or support. On the off chance that you yourself are a service tech, you’ll be fine. If you’re not, you’ll need to contact an appliance service company such as Guinco Service.

We hope these tips helped you avoid an expensive call, and if you do have to make that service call, you can reach us at Guinco Service by calling 844.3.GUINCO, or reach us online at Guinco.com. Thank you for letting our family help yours!

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