Washer Repair

Let Guinco Help with Washer Repairs

Washers can have many common problems such as not spinning, loud noises, won’t agitate or drain, maybe it’s vibrating or shaking, or the water either fills too slowly or it’s leaking water.  No matter the problem, call now and talk to one of our friendly CSR staff so we can get you scheduled with our factory trained, qualified technicians. Guinco services the following major washer brands: 

For more than 20 years, Guinco has been a family owned and operated business specializing in appliance repair. We require all of our technicians to pass industry approved background checks.  We are also pleased to offer you 90 day parts and labor guarantee.  

Call Guinco Service at 817.568.2866 and schedule an appointment so our team can help you decide whether your washer is worth the repair, or if it’s time to purchase a new one.  We also offer the option of scheduling your appointment online!

Thank you for letting our family help yours!

Be sure to make sure that your appliance is sitting level and check the legs. Also, be sure to check if the legs are overextended. If it is level and the legs are all even, you may have something off balance in the unit. We recommend having a certified technician evaluate the appliance to provide a proper diagnosis and repair. Check out our blog about washer noises!

We recommend using Affresh to clean your appliance once per month. If Affresh or another cleaning solution hasn’t been used on an older unit, a professional clean from a certified technician may be required.

Stop the current load and shut off the water supply to your washer. Also, note where the water is leaking from. Be sure to give us a call to have a certified technician come and assess the appliance.

Picture this… You walk over to your washer, open the lid, pull out the clothes and notice that those lovely scent beads you tossed in there haven’t dissolved completely. This happens and there is more than likely a logical reason. Read more about this in our blog.

When your washing machine won’t drain, it’s likely there’s one of two problems going on.  An object of foreign nature has made its way into your drain hose or your pump, or your pump is busted. Read more in our blog here.

Let’s be honest, our washing machines take a real beating. Most of us overfill them and run them for cycles that aren’t exactly necessary. It’s time to treat them with a little more respect.

It’s time to change that! Here are 3 useful things to know about regular washing machine upkeep.

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