My Washer Isn’t Rinsing Properly

My Washer Isn’t Rinsing Properly

Picture this… You walk over to your washer, open the lid, pull out the clothes and notice that those lovely scent beads you tossed in there haven’t dissolved completely. Believe it or not, this actually happened to one of our employees last week. Luckily, there is more than likely a logical reason as to why this happened.

Make sure that your water supply is functioning properly. This can be checked a few different ways. One, check to see if your hot and cold water hoses are not crossed. Not sure how that would randomly happen, but hey! we’ve heard of weirder situations. While you’re back there, confirm that both water valves are turned on. Maybe you shut them off before you left town and only turned one on. Been there. Check the hoses to see if there are any kinks, twists or turns. If there are, go ahead and straighten those bad rascals out.

High Efficiency Washer Soap

If you have a high efficiency (HE) washer, there’s a trick to the detergents. Ready for it? Use HE laundry detergent and don’t use too much. Tricky, huh? Always use the recommended amount for the size and soil level of your load. Also, regular detergents’ suds can keep your washer from operating correctly and cause those moldy smells we love to discover while we’re drying off in the shower.

Here comes our employee’s experience (Director of Marketing fails again: also see When Something Melts in Your Dishwasher Blog) of packing their washer too tightly. There is no real benefit to this, other than the off chance that your washer actually rinses everything. More times than not, it won’t. Make sure when you’re loading your washer, that you’re dispersing your clothing in loose heaps evenly around the tub.When you pack your washer tightly, you run the risk of having your clothes not completely rinsed, your washer walking all over your room, washer damage, water damage AND wall damage. Just don’t…

If your clothing comes out with sand, pet hair, lint or whatever else still attached to it, add two rinse cycles to the selected wash.

If your washer is still being a brat, give us a shout at 817-568-2866 and we’ll send one of our professional technicians out to get you taken care of! Thank you for letting our family help yours!

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