My Washer Damaged My Clothes

My Washer Damaged My Clothes

Unfortunately, if proper steps are not taken when washing your clothes, it could lead to potential damage. Most often, we see chemical damage, frayed clothing or snagging of the clothes. With a sprinkle of industry knowledge and a little patience, we can help you achieve best results when washing your clothes.

Normal Wear and Tear

For those of us who have a hard time parting with our clothes, it’s always best to properly inspect before you place items into the washer. You can always hand wash in your sink if you’re worried about your favorite item being damaged, or may we suggest using a delicate or hand wash cycle on your washer. This should help those favorites last a little longer!

Chemical Damage

Did you know that acne medicine, chlorine bleach, battery acid, solutions utilized by salons and household cleaners can quickly cause tears, holes or yellow discoloration? The bleach and battery acid may be obvious, but who would’ve thought facial acne medication? Make sure when washing with bleach, you’re following both the bottle and your Use and Care instructions. Be sure to dilute or are utilizing the bleach dispenser, if available. What are you doing with battery acid anyway?  Some washers nowadays specify not to use bleach at all, so be sure to follow your Use and Care Guide first!

Fraying Clothes

This occurs most often when paired with normal wear and tear. We see this on our towels around the edges, pillow cases and collars. It’s best not to overload your washer so the clothing can move freely about in the tub. Sort your clothes carefully. Do not wash heavy duty or heavily soiled clothes with your delicate items. Try not to overdry. This could cause abrasions.  Just because your heavy duty washer can technically take that many clothes doesn’t mean it’s good for the machine long term nor does it mean it will wash them properly. 

Insects, Mice or Pets

Did you know that crickets, silverfish and moths eat fabric? This can cause holes of varying sizes. Some even have pets that have caused damage with their nails. Although not as common as other issues, if this is happening to you, be sure to inspect your clothing and closet for insects. Consider alternate storage or moth balls.

Snagging or Tiny Holes

Cotton and polyester both snag fairly easily. This is because the fabric itself is a series of loops. Who knew?! Watch out for hooks, zippers and buttons in your washing machine. Make sure you’re avoiding washing rough clothes with your delicates. Do not overload your washer and be sure to check the washer tub, agitator (if you have one) or door for any indication of a rough spot.  If the damage is on the front of your shirt, see if the pattern of damage fits that seatbelt that saves lives. 

If you’ve tried all of the above and are still running into issues when washing your clothing, it may be best to hail in the professionals. Guinco Service technicians are professionally trained to handle faulty washing machines. Give us a call 817-568-2866 and one of our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to assist you. Thank you, for letting our family help yours.

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