Wine Cooler Repair

A Broken Wine Cooler Needs Guinco Service

Sometimes your wine cooler will act up.  A few problems you can experience are the condenser fan not running, a defective thermostat or even a broken evaporator.    You need one of Guinco Service’s factory trained technicians to come out and diagnose / repair your wine cooler for you. Guinco services all of the following major brands:

Our company has been a family owned and operated for more than 20 years.  We offer highly trained and qualified technicians who are required to pass a background check, as well as our unbeatable CSR Team and Parts Department to help you with all of your appliance repair needs. Guinco Service also offers a 90 guarantee on all parts and labor.  

Please call Guinco today at 817.568.2866 today or book online and schedule service for your wine cooler or any other appliance you need help with.  

Thank you for letting our family help yours!

Not all wines and wine coolers are created equally. To learn more about the differences and at what temps you should be storing your beloved wine, check out our blog.

When it comes to appliance repair blogs, wine coolers don’t get near enough love. While they aren’t used daily, they often maintain what will be the key to your next gathering of friends or family: the wine! This is the nightmare scenario: you’ve been putting off drinking that special bottle until the dinner party, and when you pull it out it’s gone bad due to temperature, lighting, humidity, or poor storage. With this blog, we’d like to help you avoid that altogether.

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